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Better Late Than Never

Date Published: 01/17/2014

Well, my New Year’s resolution was to write the blog weekly. We can all see how well that idea fared.

It was the most wonderful Christmas and New Year at the Hotelito. The weather was simply perfect; Even pleasant enough to eat supper outside in the evenings. We had the most fabulous guests staying here.People were arriving from Paris, Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, San Miguel de Allende, London  and Bejing. Talk about Multi Cultural.

The whales performed spectacularly. One day “flocks” of Manta Rays were seen leaping and flying through the air. Nature really put on a display this winter... and it’s still at the start of the “Whale season”. Even after ten years here I am always so moved to see these great mammals up close. In the coming months the Mother whales and their newly born pups will be coming in close to the shore by the Hotelito, and an evening sunset stroll to the beach becomes an essential part of every day life.

As soon as we got through the Holiday Season we were once again delighted to host the fabulous Escape to Shape retreat here. They returned for a second visit and we were flattered that they chose Hotelito as their destination for Todos Santos again.

Thursday the 16th January was the opening night of the two week Music Festival of Todos Santos. It is the third year that Peter Buck of REM has curated a line up of brilliant musician friends who perform Thursday Friday and Saturday night at the renowned Hotel California. The Festival culminates in a free performance  on Saturday the 25th in the Town Plaza, in front of the Mission Church, and I would not miss it for the world. Last night was pure magic. Peter Buck and Joseph Arthur and other musicians had all of us on our feet. We are proud to host some of the musicians who are playing. What can I tell you? Right now there is nowhere I would rather be .
The Todos Santos Writers work shop starts on Monday with world class authors and journalists leading each session. I shall fill you in on that... because from now on I am going to write the blog weekly. I am I am. Stay tuned for more Music Festival news and the Writers workshop news.

On the basis that it’s better late than never I had to ad a photo of our splendiferous “Christmas” tree. The local ladies from DIF gilded an agave flower and decorated it with paper doves and gilded pods. It is now resting in my garden to be enjoyed by the hummingbirds , (who are, incidentally, rather vain) and who spend a lot of time flittering in front of the gilded and reflective globes that adorn it admiring themselves. Not to be out done of course good old Sean the sheep has climbed up it to make sure there is nothing edible...

And so life goes on at Hotelito.

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