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Date Published: 07/31/2014


Has arrived: As suspected it’s a hot one and we have all adapted to early morning activity whilst it is cool; followed by lunch and a long siesta and evening strolls by the sea shore to watch the spectacular Summer Sunsets.

We haven’t had too much rain, which is a good thing for our visitors. Some days one can see the rain falling on the mountains to the South West, which bodes well for our winter water supply,but Todos Santos remains clear skied and sunny.

During the quieter months of summer all the work starts for next season.

Our wonderful Hotelito staff. The much loved Wendy and Lizet. Always smiling even in the heat! 

Word is out already that the Todos Santos Writers Workshop will be starting on January 26th immediately after Peter Bucks Music Festival closes. The incredibly popular Artist’s Studio Tour is scheduled for March the 15th and Sylvia Perel the Directora of the TS Film Festival is off at Festivals all over the world making her selection for our Festival.

Mariachis in the Town Centre 

I hear the fishing is good.

Surfing has been excellent. It’s the most wonderful time to take a boat trip to Isla de Espiritu Santu and snorkel with the sea lions ( no wet suits needed)

Boat trip to Espiritu Santu 

The Hotelito Mascot…Sean the Sheep, and his gal pal Chuleta ( Lamb Chop) have been sheared and spend their days chilling under trees in the shade.

Shorn The Sheep 

Life has slowed down….. peaceful with balmy breezes.

Horse races in Todos Santos 


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