The Hotelito | The adventures of Sean the Sheep Part 2

The adventures of Sean the Sheep Part 2

Date Published: 12/02/2013

Sean progressed  from being a sweet little wooly lamb to a huge great hefty lump of sheep. Still as sweet and lovable as ever but  clearly with a severe identity crisis. He appeared unsure if he were a person or a dog.
We decided to get him a sheep pal. I traded a few bales of Alfalfa with  my friend for one of her sheep, which she raises for food. We selected the prettiest of the group and called her Chuleta ( Lamb Chop) so she would be reminded of her fate had she not come to live at Hotelito.
 Sean was totally indifferent to her charms at the beginning, as she followed him blindly everywhere bleating tragically any time he was out of her sight. Over time they have become pals but we are all convinced that Sean still has absolutely no idea that they belong to the same species. He stills rushes up to the dogs when they appear and it seems as though he might still think they are his herd.

Lately they seem to be getting on really well. They trot around the garden daily, stealing the horses alfalfa at every opportunity.
He brings Chuleta in to “his” house from time to time and they both make a bee-line for the fruit bowl in search of a banana.
On occasion I have forgotten that they are roaming free in the garden and not contained in the sheep pen next to the horses. Lunch time can then be a little tricky ;and ill mannered Sean thinks nothing of leaping up and putting his head in the salad bowl and wolfing down the contents.
A slight improvement from when he attempted to drink a guests Margarita by the Swimming Pool. He is now banned from the pool area.

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