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The Good News

Date Published: 09/29/2014

The Hotelito have been restoring and repairing the ravages of Madam Odile

Things are considerably better; the airport in Cabo (SJD) is due to re-open on the 8th of October and the highway is being repaired. No doubt many of you have seen the photos on display in  social media and on the news, and there is no reason to add more heart rending images of the devastation throughout the region here.

We have electricity restored. Town water is once again being pumped through and the sun shines!
The Mexican Army and the CFE (our Electricity company) moved into action with extraordinary speed and we were honored to host a number of the army at the Casa de Chilicote. These amazing people have worked night and day cleaning up our town and we will be forever grateful. Each day brings further progress, and we are confident we will be up and running by the 15th of October.
We took a direct hit at the Hotelito, BUT we were lucky! So many of the locals lost everything. Our amazing team who work at Hotelito have turned up daily, with family members and children in tow, to help with our clean up. Those of you who know our fabulous staff here will not be surprised! Thank you Liz, Wendy, Georgina and Fran.

And more good news for all of his fans is that Sean The Sheep has survived completely unhurt by Odile.

The Papala Society

The Palapa Society have organized a relief fund to aid the towns families. There is a link below.

Donate to the Papala Society Hurricane Relief Fund.

Visit the Papala Society website.

We look forward to seeing you all back in Todos Santos. The community spirit and kindness shown by all makes me proud to call Todos Santos my home.

We look forward to your visit. Let’s put Todos Santos back on the map.

Come and celebrate this amazing place!

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