The Hotelito | The Story of Sean The Sheep Part 1

The Story of Sean The Sheep Part 1

Date Published: 11/05/2013

Emerald & SeanSean the sheep arrived at Hotelito the day after Christmas as an abandoned 12 hour old lamb. My friend the rancher Don Antonio and my daughter Emerald persuaded me that this lovable little creature would not survive unless we took him in and bottle fed him. We had Anjelica the milking nanny goat here and she could supply milk. It all seemed like a great idea!

My friend Liz, the Vet, happened to be here and explained that as he had no other sheep to snuggle with and stay warm I would need to keep him wrapped in a wooly cardigan in a box next to my bed and feed him every 2 hours with a bottle.

Everything proceeded well and he gained weight and charmed us all with his sweet little baby lamb antics. The dogs loved him and he became one of the “pack”.

We decided that it was time to introduce him to the goat herd hoping they would embrace him into the herd. Alas Anjelica had other ideas and gave poor little Sean a bit of a beating. He ran bleating in dismay, barged back into “his” house leapt into an armchair and refused to budge.

Sean The Sheep at The Hotelito

We now have a giant great thumping sheep who loves people, thinks he is a dog, and is the owner and greeter of Hotelito. Likes to join guests for a cocktail by the pool and generally is a star. He has acted as bridesmaid for a grand Mexican society wedding and is hoping for a cover for Vanity Fair.

To be continued...

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