The Hotelito | We finally open

We finally open

Date Published: 10/21/2014

Well, there can be no denying that Hotelito took a serious hit when Odile arrived. Our metal gates were pulled from the cement and lay in the drive looking like Origami! Now over a month later, and with amazing team effort we are looking spruce and tidy. All of us have become painters and decorators. With all the flying debris most walls ended up looking a little battered. Five of us tonight have been out painting walls and the bruises have gone.

Once again I am amazed and humbled by the fortitude and resilience of the Mexicans. Most of our staff had significant damage to their homes, but from day one have shown up daily to work with family in tow to put everything back together.

So come on down, support the community, we are waiting to welcome you! The weather is now perfect. Breezes off the Pacific daily; the searing summer heat we experienced post Odile has abated and it is heaven here now..

The landscape after the rains, looks like an Irish tapestry of green. Gone for now the arid desert vista. Everything is lush. Even trees that were felled, that I was positive were dead and gone for ever, are sprouting new shoots.

Nature is indeed awesome. Both in its destructive power and in the rebirth one sees daily.

Sean the sheep is in heaven and wanders at liberty inspecting the work being done. Chuleta in tow.

I was busy painting the metal bars black today, and of course Sean and Chuleta had to come and say hello and inspect. Now I am not pretending that Sean is a candidate for Mensa, but he sure looks smart next to Miss Chuleta; who promptly stuck her head between two bars which were still wet. Yes she has a black striped head. Very fetching.

We are all waiting to see you here.

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