Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico

Extraordinary Natural Beauty

The first thing that drew me to Todos Santos, and which continues to enchant me on a daily basis is the extraordinary natural beauty. Our abundance of palm trees here in Todos Santos in an otherwise desert landscape is due to the underground aquifer which supplies the town with fresh water. For this reason is it often referred to as the Oasis of Todos Santos. The abundance of water in centuries past allowed a thriving sugar cane industry to flourish. There are still remnants of old sugar cane mills dotted around.

We are situated on the West Coast of the Baja Peninsula, about an hour’s drive north from Los Cabos, but it might as well be a hundred years in time. The Mission church of Nuestra Senora del Pilar stands in the town plaza.

Todos Santos still retains much of its agricultural and farming community. Fishermen leave daily at dawn in their pangas from Punta Lobos (the Fisherman’s Beach), the farmers continue to grow chillies and basil, and my neighbor still uses a horse and cart when tilling the land.

The Hotelito Overlooking Todos Santos

Art & Culture

Todos Santos is home also to an eclectic mixture of artists from all over the world who have made it their base, no doubt inspired by the light here. Surfers who arrive every winter to surf its renowned surf breaks, and visitors who come wanting to get a feel of what Mexico used to be like.

Lately it has become a mecca for serious foodies. I am constantly astonished how such a tiny town has so many extraordinarily fabulous restaurants. From the taco stand serving the freshest shrimp and fish tacos to the seriously high end restaurants serving the finest foods and freshest ingredients in the most imaginative ways. There really is something of quality for every budget on the food front.

The Music Festival each January, started by Peter Buck of REM who also has a home here, has become a major success. All the proceeds raised go to a local charity. The final night in the town plaza is just too good to miss.

Then we have the Latino Film Festival, where movies of amazing calibre from throughout Latin America are screened at the old Teatro on the Plaza. The Art Festival, the Mango Festival, the Food and Wine Festival and not least the Town Festival in October which is a week-long party.

Not to mention Nature, glorious Nature.

What to do in Todos Santos

Kayaking with sea lions in either the Sea of Cortez or locally here in Todos Santos. Whale watching trips with the fishermen. Boat trips to the Isla Espiritu Santu, Horseback riding along empty beaches. Fishing, surfing, bike trail riding, hiking in the Biosphere above Todos Santos. Bird watching. Releasing baby turtle hatchlings off on their journey to mature and return again here to the same beach at La Cachora when adult…the list is endless. 


Yoga classes are held daily throughout the town, and twice a week here at The Hotelito.


Massage is easily arranged.


A vacation here has so many possibilities and we will help you organise any activities you are interested in. On the other hand if you are partial to complete relaxation and tranquillity, like to read in a hammock and just enjoy the peace and quiet, our location is perfect for that.

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Surfing in Todos Santos.

Parasailing in Todos Santos

Water Activities.

Sailing in Todos Santos

Take a panga ride to the Islas Espirítu Santo.

Turtle Release in Todos Santos

Baby turtle release.

The Hotelito

Yoga classes run twice a week here at The Hotelito.

Horse Riding in Todos Santos

Horseback riding on the beach.